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The most common business entities in Texas are:Start-up art

  • LLCs (Limited Liability Companies)
  • Corporations
    • S Corp/C Corp
    • Non-profit Corporations
  • Partnerships
    • General Partnerships
    • LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships)
    • LPs (Limited Partnerships)

Advice for the DIY Entrepreneur

If you are the sole-owner, many of these business entities (especially LLCs) are relatively straight-forward to file and you can easily form the business yourself. However, if you have partners or investors, it is highly recommended to consult with an attorney regarding the governing documents for your organization. There are a number of other considerations when you have multiple owners of a business entity in Texas. For example, you should ask yourself:

  • What happens if one of the owners gets divorced?
  • Who has voting control of the business? Is voting based on percentage of ownership or one vote per owner?
  • How are taxes handled?
  • Will the owners be working for the company? If so, will they receive a salary?

An experienced business formation attorney can discuss each of these scenarios with you and help prepare the necessary agreements to protect all of the business owners from future possibilities.

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Amy Turner, DC

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